Combating Covid-19

Wash Your Hands

Frequent and proper hand hygiene is one of the most important measures that can be used to prevent infection with the COVID-19 virus. WASH practitioners should work to enable more frequent and regular hand hygiene by improving facilities and using proven behavior-change techniques.

Social Distance

Social and physical distancing measures aim to slow the spread of disease by stopping chains of transmission of COVID-19 and preventing new ones from appearing. These measures secure physical distance between people (of at least one metre), and reduce contact with contaminated surfaces, while encouraging and sustaining virtual social connection within families and communities.

Wear Face Mask

Medical masks are surgical or procedure masks that are flat or pleated (some are like cups); they are affixed to the head with strapsa. Wearing a medical mask is one of the prevention measures to limit spread of certain respiratory diseases, including 2019- nCoV, in affected areas.

Stay Home and Join Online Classes

By staying at home during this period of isolation, you are not only protecting others, you are protecting yourself. This way, you are not exposed to others who may be carriers outside of the home. When you observe the stay-at-home order, you decrease the chance of spreading the disease.